As per James Madison in his Federalist Papers, “Americans have the privilege and bit of leeway of being equipped †not at all like the residents of different nations whose administrations are reluctant to confide in the individuals with arms,” (Raymond). Madison might be right about Americans having a bigger number of rights than numerous different nations, however once in a while the administration has an excess of trust in the American individuals. Removing all exclusive firearms isn't the appropriate response, in light of the fact that doing so would significantly make a socialist state. Rather, the best arrangement is to control who purchases firearms and for what reason. There are more than 283 million authorized weapons in the U.S. (Herbert p1), which does exclude the unregistered and illicit firearms individuals own, purchase, and sell from the underground economy and different sources. The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives the rights to remain battle ready, yet when individuals are slaughtering guiltless individuals, should all Americans have that right?

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