Nation of the Month Mexico Mexico is the nation to go to for a decent holiday, and you were unable to pick a superior month than November to visit the place that is known for guacamole and excessively enormous caps. Particularly in case you're additionally longing for a touch of winter sun, as temperatures can in any case reach up to 30°c during this season, ideal for one final top-up of the mid year tan before it's authoritatively winter. From giraffe-molded sight-seeing balloons to creepy visits from the dead, there's destined to be something going on this month to keep even the most unbiased spirits engaged. Día de los Muertos The month gets looking incredible so far with the festival of el Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, the Mexican proportionate to Halloween. Quick turning out to be perceived overall gratitude to the massive outfits and dreadful sugar skull improvements included, and for having an influence in maybe one of the best James Bond film opening groupings ever, the celebration recognizes the arrival of the dead to the human world.

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