Facebook wastes time EssayI believe that facebook is bad. In this essay I will tell that Facebook wastes time, occupies the hosts mind and is not, no matter what people say is not the same as actual social interaction. Facebook is not my friend and neither should it be yours,My first reason why facebook is not my friend is because that it wastes everybody time. Now my argument is just armed at facebook, but also the people who make facebook games, Zynga is a major corporation that owns any and all good facebook is games.     Facebook itself almost makes you check it, making you wonder what your friends are up to, the idea of a public diary almost, something that anybody can contribute to, a encyclopaedia of a persons life if you will. You could spend minuets, an hour maybe hours at a time just staring at a page when you could be doing something more important, maths homework perhaps?My second argument is that it occupies the hosts mind and doesn’t let anything else in.

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