Managing Group and Teams - Essay ExamplePresently, organizations depend immensely on teamwork, hence the need for all employees to possess effective communication skills. Coevolutionary gaming is a scenario process developed by Jim Miskel and Jeff Cares in their article “Take Your Third Move First”. Coevolutionary gaming has revolutionized the way organizations consider aspects such as teamwork and decision making, both in issues that affect the organization internally and externally. This paper will examine coevolutionary gaming, discussing how the strategy enhances proper decision making, particularly within a group situation such as an organization or department in an organization. The paper will also describe the fundamental limitation of the coevolutionary gaming and the way through which this limitation can be resolved.Miskel and Cares’ article builds on the conception that planning, as well as resultant decision making should never be done within a vacuum.

Kirsten Highsmith February 1,2013 Eng & Humanities 2-1 Etymology Imperialism 1. (Noun): A policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force; (Noun) The system, policies, or practices of such a government; (noun) an instance or policy of aggressive behaviour by one state against another 2. Imperialism originated in 1826 in a Napoleonic context, “advocacy of empire,”also of Rome and of British foreign policy, from imperial and -ism. At times in British usage with a neutral or positive sense relating to national interests or the spread of the benefits of Western civilization. . Imperialism is still in use. 4. Although Imperialism originated in 1826 it was first recorded 1878. It was picked up in Communist jargon by 1918. The term Imperialism applied to Western political and economic dominance in the 19th and 20th centuries. (etymonline. com) 5. A modern, interesting use of the word is that “Imperialism” is the name of a turn-based Strategy video game. Matrix 1.

Feminism in Sor Juana     In Estela Portillo Trambley’s play Sor Juana the main character Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz was considered to be one of the earliest feminists. Sor Juana’s eternal struggles to study and unshakable craving for knowledge and wisdom, from whatever source it may be, support this attribute. In my opinion however, there are also significant elements of the play that suggest that Sor Juana would not be considered a true feminist. Of these reasons, there are three major ones that I will analyze. The first reason is that Sor Juana gave up her struggle for the acquirement of knowledge from books and settled for reading from religiously accepted writing, essentially giving up what she had been originally fighting for and abandoning her previous ideals. Secondly, Sor Juana only fought for herself and what she wanted to pursue. She did not fight for other women or in other political, economic, or social spheres.

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